A Special Partnership with Emma Bowen Interns

A Special Partnership with Emma Bowen Interns

As the summer heated up in Philadelphia, interns were scurrying around the Comcast Center ready to embark on new professional journeys. Over 125 interns and Co-Ops entered the Comcast Headquarters awaiting exciting summers filled with new skills, networking opportunities, and fresh perspectives. However, beyond the novelty of this valuable experience is a cornerstone of Comcast’s internship program—the Emma L. Bowen Foundation.

The Emma L. Bowen Foundation is a prestigious internship and scholarship program for minorities interested in the media industry. Students are selected from a competitive pool of applicants based on leadership, academic performance, extracurricular activities, and a series of interviews. Once chosen, they are matched with partner companies who invest tremendously in these high-potential interns. Scholars in the program commit to interning with their partner company for four summers, culminating with a national conference each summer.

Emma Bowen VideoComcast has been a partner company of the Emma L. Bowen Foundation since 2001 and is one of the largest partners of the foundation. Foundation interns at Comcast participate in the larger intern community as well as a customized professional development designed to enhance their consecutive internship at Comcast.
For Emma L. Bowen Foundation interns at Comcast, this opportunity is invaluable. The nature of continuity, established by the four year internship requirement of the program, enables interns to cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships within the company. Brittany Jean-Baptiste, Coordinator of Workforce Diversity & Inclusion at Comcast, is an alum of the program and hired at the Comcast Headquarters, after completing her internships there. Jean-Baptiste said, “The Emma L. Bowen Foundation opened the doors for me to have this incredible opportunity. I was able to gain a holistic feel for the Comcast organization because I worked here for four summers. Every summer I learned more skills and became molded into the fabric of the company, making it easier to adapt when I transitioned into a full-time employee.”

In addition to the networking opportunities with existing company employees, the Emma Bowen interns also develop a lifelong peer network of colleagues, more importantly great friends, who share similar interests in media and a commitment to diversity.

As the cultural and corporate landscape of our country continues to evolve, partnerships between Comcast and the Emma L. Bowen Foundation will fuel positive change in business and media. In return, Foundation interns are also thoroughly prepared to be essential and dynamic contributors to Comcast and their larger communities.

-Danielle Bembry

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