Comcast NAMIC Alumni Leadership Reception

On Thursday, June 20th, the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) and Comcast Workforce Diversity and Inclusion held the first Leadership
Reception to celebrate Comcast’s NAMIC alumni. Senior executive leaders from Comcast, including Julian Brodsky, former Vice Chairman, Michael Angelakis, Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer, David L. Cohen, EVP and Chief Diversity Officer, D’Arcy Rudnay, SVP and Chief Communications Officer, William Strahan, EVP, Human Resources, Cindi Hook, SVP, Comcast Assurance and Advisory Team, and Doug Gaston, General Counsel, Comcast Cable, were present to acknowledge Comcast graduates of NAMIC’s Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) and Leadership Seminar (LS).

Leaders from NAMIC’s national office, such as Nicole Turner Lee, Ph.D., President and CEO, Lindsay Boroush, Senior Director, Membership and Program Development, and Jim Jones, Vice President of Education and Diversity Solutions, also attended to show their support and use this event as a model for future receptions with other chapters and sponsor companies.

“The programs have been very transformational experiences for its participants,” said Yasmine Ndassa, Ph.D., Director of HR Analytics for Comcast Cable and President of NAMIC Philadelphia. “Our NAMIC alumni represent a powerful intellectual capital that is part of the Comcast diversity story.”

Since 2001, Comcast and NBCU sponsored 187 employees in NAMIC leadership development programs. David L. Cohen reported Comcast’s impressive 73% retention rate of ELDP and LS graduates. “We have invested in high potential people who are leading the company to tremendous success,” said Cohen.

During the reception, a Comcast NAMIC alumni video was presented, highlighting Comcasters’ unique stories of professional and personal development through ELDP and LS. The video featured key diversity leaders, including Andrea Agnew, Executive Director, Workforce Diversity and Inclusion and former President of NAMIC Philadelphia.

“I think this is an amazing organization, and there’s opportunity for us all if we can find our niche,” said Agnew. “If you come in and you perform well, then you’re going to be rewarded well.”

Martha Soehren, Chief Learning Officer for Comcast Cable, and Shawn Houston, Director, Business Intelligence for Xfinity Signature Support and VP of NAMIC Philadelphia, closed the event with a special thank you to Comcast for supporting the growth of its future leaders.