NAMIC Philadelphia Hosts LinkedIn Workout 2 Event

By: Shanda Jones


NAMIC Philadelphia is off to an amazing start this year with focus on topics that impact today’s leaders as well as those who are continuing to shape out their professional journey.

The evening kicked off with opening remarks from Angel Arocho, NAMIC Philadelphia’s newest Chapter President with introductions announcing NAMIC celebrating 35 years of diversity, leadership and empowerment. Next, there was a presentation of a “YOU ROCK” award to William Slofer in recognition of his outstanding contributions in NAMIC this year.

Special guest Leila Ansart of Intuitive Marketing Group and Jeff Tincher a Digital Marketing Consultant enlightened the crowd on intriguing topics such as Profile Do’s and Don’ts, an intricate diagnosis of LinkedIn Publisher, and an anecdote of what employers are looking for when they visit your LinkedIn  page. As another strong value to a NAMIC membership there was a captivating Photographer Paul Coker, of Paul Coker Photography LLC on site; in which NAMIC offered free professional pictures for members to kick start their new digital venture.

If you’re wondering if your LinkedIn page is attracting the right audience and best represents your qualities and skills, then you’re like many of us that were in the room. Common questions were: How much information should I share? How much job history should I show? How do I follow groups? Who can view the things that I post? There was a plethora of information offered, but here are a few savvy updates to a top notch profile:

Use LinkedIn as a tool to leverage your expertise and background for whichever level you’re at professionally

  • Identify your goals –What do you want your next hiring manager to know? What are you selling?
  • Personalize your tagline to illustrate your passions, what you want to do, or key words in your industry. This section does not have to only be your job title.
  • Customize your URL –
  • Upload samples of your work- Pdf, slideshows, or videos as illustration
  • Use LinkedIn Publisher Platform- to blog and share your perspectives, Get more visibility, and identify with other with the similar interest.

For all those that missed out on this awesome informational event, feel free to reach out to Leila Ansart or Jeff Tincher for private consulting of your LinkedIn page that is offered either via email or phone. Furthermore, LinkedIn Workout 2 was yet another worthy contribution available to NAMIC members to assist in boosting and reinvigorating their brand.